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With the growth of the wealth of the middle class in the 20th century, new properties of real estate appear: the environmental friendliness and status of the land (that is, the prestige of the area). The last classification is a product of exclusively informational impact on a person

How else can one explain the purchase of plots on the Moon by people? And the status of an ecological site in our time can be given even to a uranium deposit, it is enough just to be convincing. That is why the problem of manipulations with the estimated value of a particular property is very acute today.

Marketing features include:

- prestige;

- Class;

- environmental friendliness;

- status.

These points are very difficult to measure when evaluating an object - this is not the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house, not the cost of construction, not the size of the land. The irrational behavior of people often pushes them to rash investments when they pay attention only to marketing characteristics.

I often ask buyers questions: “Have you walked around? Did you see who lives nearby? What is the infrastructure in the area? Most of them give in to emotions when buying real estate, which, at the presentation stage, clever manipulator sellers pass off as a prestigious business class object.



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