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The special ed kids at Waggener High School are lucky to be doing sports competitions instead of academic ones. I'm not into sports but I am pretty good at certain kinds of tests.

For the 3rd straight year, because of a messed up system that my school has to follow, I haven't been allowed to use the accommodations I need in order to compete for the Governor's Cup.

On the ACT and SAT, the exact same kinds of tests, after an "extreme vetting process", they approved me to use extended time in order to have the same opportunity to compete as everyone else.

So I can compete for a National Merit scholarship but not for my own Governor in my own state.

I've been told that if I am allowed extra time on the KY tests, I will have an unfair advantage over other students who are not autistic, do not have ADHD, a learning disorder, or Tourette's syndrome - all of which slow me down quite a bit.

I don't complain about these facts of my life being unfair but I can assure you they definitely don't give me any advantages.

The system is rump sprung.

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