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Just A Few of Our Wonderful

Click on names or logos to learn more about these amazing individuals and organizations!

Please note these are not endorsements of JBN or its work. We are a completely independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan advocacy organization.

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Rachel Belin, Managing Director Kentucky Student Voice Team


Kentucky Representative Lisa Willner, Ph.D., Former Executive Director, Kentucky Psychological Association; Former Board Member, Jefferson County Public Schools

Kentucky Senator Julie Raque Adams, Majority Caucus Chair

Amy Williams, Executive Director at National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships


Andre & Joe Wilson, parents of  exceptional students

Krista Payne, parent of exceptional student

Wayne Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., President, Houghton College, Former Commissioner of Kentucky Education 


Brigitte Blom Ramsey, President & CEO, The Prichard Committee


Kentucky Senator Morgan McGarvey, Minority Floor Leader


Each of the teachers and family members willing to share their stories. 


All students everywhere - you are our inspiration, our future, our hope.  

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