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ReImagine Special Education
(RISE!) Forums

From Stakeholders to Shareholders

RISE! Forums provide special education stakeholders an opportunity to become shareholders in improving the design and delivery of special education programs.


The Forums provide students, their families, educators and service providers

with an opportunity to build relationships,

identify issues, and explore ideas away from 

the pressures of school.

Guiding Principles

1. We are all there to be heard,

including students.

2. We are able to impact the system.

3. We seek first to understand.

4. We honor others' desire for privacy.

5. Open to all who have an interest.

6. There is no soliciting permitted.

From Limitations to Opportunities

Some of what we think is true about special education policies and practices (how things are done) may, in fact, no longer be true. Some of the ways we have organized special education departments may no longer serve the students, educators, or administrators.


RISE! Forums give rise to examining assumptions and beliefs and to new, ingenious, often low or no cost solutions which may surprise you.

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