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Encourage listening.


Beginning with hearing the voices of those for whom special education is intended:

the students.


Through forums like RISE! and initiatives like NoToStatusQuo, we provide communities with the tools to bridge the empathy gap between students, families, educators and policymakers. 




Facilitate collaboration.


Working together towards a common goal, remembering that the student and their family are full-fledged team members.

The results are more meaningful, student directed individual education plans which can be implemented with less stress, more rigor, and better results.

Light Bulb


Inspire Innovation.


Using the power of collaboration informed by student and teacher voice, we help schools and policymakers take a fresh look at policies and procedures from multiple perspectives.


The result is the transformation of cultures which limit possibilities into environments where everyone is working together creatively to produce better outcomes for students as well as greater satisfaction for their teachers.

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