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Now is the time to speak to your district Board members.
Kentucky Families—your school district now has until June 1st to decide whether to grant a supplemental year of school to those who requested it by May 1st.

On April 5, 2021, Kentucky Teacher, a publication of the Kentucky Department of Education

reported that KDE posted guidance for Senate Bill 128.

KDE releases guidance on Supplemental School Year Program

Many of our students with disabilities were already behind before the pandemic. They need this opportunity to get back on track. They are ABLE to lead fulfilling, productive lives. Education is key! 

You had to make this request by May 1, 2021.
But your school board members are deciding now!

Children with face mask back at school a

Students with special needs are at higher risk for being un or underemployed after they graduate high school. But it's not because they are not able! Now is the time to help make sure they are well prepared for as independent a future as possible.

Senate Bill 128 allows you (or your student if they are over 18) to request an additional year of school. If you feel that your child has fallen behind, needs to make up work or missed out on too much during the past year, now is the time to act! Yes, this includes seniors but there are some rules to pay attention to! Contact us to help sort it out.

However, you had to make this request by May 1st AND your local school board has until June 1, 2021

to decide to grant all requests or no requests. So there's no guarantee.


We believe that the more people who make this request, the more likely it is that the school boards will listen. And we want to help. We're sending letters to school boards to encourage them to let their families know about this option and to ask them to vote "yes" and honor your requests. 

But the most important thing is for YOU to make the request for YOUR student on or before May 1st.

Happy child student in medical protectiv
portrait asian disabled child or autism
Please Help Get My School Board to Say YES to a Supplemental Year of School for All Students Who Want It.

By submitting this form, I understand that JackBeNimble will  send a letter to my school board requesting that they vote "yes" on all requests for a supplemental school year. I further understand that this is not a letter on behalf of my individual child but on behalf of all children in my district. I must individually submit a request on behalf of my child to my school board.

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