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Join Us!


Take the next step on the path to closing the empathy gap.
Learn how to encourage greater understanding and
improved outcomes for students with disabilities.

PathMakers help students, families, and educators forge student-centered special education paths that are transparent, equitable and navigable.


Expand your understanding of special education processes, current best

practices and resources to support team members. Explore tools and techniques

for facilitating communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

PathMakers may, at times - and when requested by a student, family member,

or educator - attend special education meetings, or suggest ideas for special education plans.


PathMakers seek to support all special education stakeholders. But the journey itself belongs to the student.

Whatever your skills, talents, and passion, come be a part of connecting students to their passions.

Be a part of an amazing journey - every student is able to succeed on a personalized path to success!

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